Sjørup Tractor A /S was founded in 1963 by Jens and Ragnhild Lauridsen - with an emphasis on servicing the farmers in the surrounding area with repair and maintenance of tractors and other farm machinery.
Their son Ole Lauridsen later took over the company and as a result of this generational change, the company grew into a global enterprise with many roots - branching both at home and abroad.

Along with the increasing demand for good used parts and the gradual change in the agricultural sector, we began to buy up many used machines and sell the well functioning used tractor parts for machine shops throughout Denmark.
This was a very important lifeline for us.

Since we also had established good contacts abroad, exports of used machines became another important lifeline for us.
Due to the increase in exports DANBRUGT A / S was established as an export company in 1990 as part of the group Sjørup TRACTOR A / S.

Today we have a branch in Norway, Tractor and Machinery Sharing Sor A / S, Kristiansand.

Through the years we have constantly expanded our export activities and therefore have great experience in international trade.
Our export stretches to be world wide - from Thailand to the east of Bolivia in the west - from Greenland in the north to Australia in the south.

Today the company employs 35 people in Denmark (see staff list) in sales of both new and used parts, administration, procurement, import and export of used agricultural machinery and machine parts, workshop / repair and preparation as well as scrapping, registration and quality control.