Used spareparts

See a complete list of our used spare parts by pressing this link. 


See a complete list of our used engines by pressing this link. 


As the leading breaker in Europe we are capable of serving all machine dealers and work shops with second-hand spares of high quality to a wide market in both Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.


Our strategy is to supply used spares for machines being used in European agriculture and as principal rule supplying spares for machines being up to 20 years old and machines where new parts are difficult to find.


We annually scrap 300-350 machines and out of these we collect thousands of good and useful spare parts. We can therefore offer a wide range of different parts like for instance:


  • Engine:  complete, renovated and thoroughly tested used engines, short block, engine block, cylinder head, crank
  • Front axle: complete used front axles, front axle housings, differentials, bevel gears and finaldrives
  • Gear box: renovated and used gear boxes, gear box housing, clutches, toothed wheels, shafts etc.
  • Cabin: complete cabins, doors, computers, consoles, roof and wirings
  • Rearaxle: complete rearaxles, rearaxle housings, crown/bevel pinion, centre housing etc.
  • Hydraulic/PTO: everything within lift parts, PTO, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps etc.


By pressing this link you can see a complete list of the types of machines and also the models for which we can supply you with spares.


Dismantled machines for spare parts, please click here.



Our very skilled spare part team has an invaluable technical knowledge and they will therefore be able to help you with any technical question you may have. This gives our customers the certainty of getting the right spare part.

Besides, our spare part division has a great experience within both domestic and foreign sales. For our export customers we have ensured utmost favourable freight agreements which means that the goods can be delivered anywhere in Europe in a quick, easy and convenient way – and within few days.


We do, however, draw your attention to the fact that we run a wholesale trade, only dealing with machine dealers and workshops.


See also our site with used and renovated engines